14. Dec 2022

Circularise joins phase two of BT Green Tech Innovation Platform

Circularise joins phase two of BT Green Tech Innovation Platform

While materials, feedstocks, and EoL options are all important topics for the (bio)plastics industry, sustainable solutions also profit from related technical developments that help with everything from traceability to “just” reducing the electricity bill.

BT (London, UK) recently announces phase two of its Green Tech Innovation Platform (TIP), to fast-track cutting-edge new digital solutions to help manufacturers cut their carbon emissions and progress towards a circular world.

Following the initial scouting phase supported by Plug and Play, the second phase sees rising stars of the start-up world RIICO, Sensorfact, and Circularise joining the platform. In partnership with BT and the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC), they will begin proof of concept (PoC) activities to prove their impact for UK manufacturers.

A joint report by BT and Accenture (Dublin, Ireland) has forecast that tech, including 5G, can help reduce carbon emissions from the manufacturing sector by 13% by 2030 (the equivalent of 1.3 Gt CO2e). The three start-ups have been selected to solve some of the sustainability challenges with the biggest impact on the carbon-intensive manufacturing sector, applying digital solutions to:
• Redesign legacy manufacturing processes with a sustainability lens
• Deliver energy efficiency on the shop floor
• Drive circularity and transparency in supply chains

The chosen start-ups will help develop solutions based on their expertise in the following technologies:
• RIIICO (Aachen, Germany) helps manufacturers create resilient and transparent digital factory designs, ensuring they’re prepared for the future. It does this by using a combination of 3D scanning to inform Digital Twins (digital versions of physical environments) augmented by artificial intelligence (AI) to enable people and computers to remodel and enhance that environment. This approach reduces modelling time by 95 % and is also reducing data maintenance costs by 25 %.

• Sensorfact (Utrecht, the Netherlands) work with small manufacturers to reduce their energy bill and carbon footprint by eliminating energy waste in a smart and easy way through sensors. Sensorfact have already helped over 1,000 manufacturing companies across north-western Europe save an average of 5–10 % on their electricity bill.

• Circularise (The Hague, the Netherlands) helps suppliers to trace materials, share sensitive data without risking privacy, and automate mass reporting using blockchain software. This helps businesses and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to get visibility into their own Scope 3 emissions, preparing them for upcoming supply chain sustainability regulations, and enabling a circular economy at scale.

The next phase of Green TIP sees BT, MTC and the three start-ups collaborating on PoCs to see how different solutions and applications can support the UK based manufacturing sector. AT


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