23. Nov 2022

Expertise from the Odenwald is in demand nationwide (Germany)

Expertise from the Odenwald is in demand nationwide (Germany)

Biowert (Brensbach, Germany) processes grass from the Odenwald (Germany) into biogas, fertilizer, and an extremely robust plastic. The company is thus a pioneer in the circular economy – and has know-how that is in demand nationwide.

“Everyone is talking about the energy transition”, says Jens Meyer zu Drewer, managing director of Biowert Industrie GmbH in Brensbach. “At Biowert, we are already one step ahead. With us, not only electricity and heat come from renewable sources. We also process a renewable raw material. This brings us very close to our goal of a complete circular economy”. Biowert is thus a pioneer in a development that all industrial companies will have to undergo in the future. The EU wants our throwaway society to cease to exist by 2050. It is to be replaced by a circular economy in which all materials are reused – just as in nature.

This long-term development has accelerated sharply in recent months. In view of the high world market prices for oil and gas, alternatives are being sought everywhere. And that doesn't just apply to energy generation. “The energy turnaround is only the first step on the road to a circular economy”, explains Meyer zu Drewer. “Plastics and other materials produced from petroleum also need to be replaced by renewable and recyclable raw materials”.

And it is precisely in this area that Biowert has a great deal of experience. The company's expertise is therefore currently in high demand. “Our biorefinery is unique worldwide and is considered a reference example for the circular economy of the future”, says Meyer zu Drewer.

Due to high demand for the environmentally friendly composite material Biowert invested over EUR 1.5 million and commissioned a new production facility at the end of 2021. The construction was completed within a year, so that an additional production area of 500 square metres is now available. Biowert has also invested in a new production line with high-performance granulation, material feed and extraction. The expansion has quadrupled the production capacity.

The interest in Biowert's story is not least because the company has achieved considerable success with sustainable products. The well-known grass clothes hanger, for example, now hangs by the millions in German retail stores. It is made of the natural fibre-reinforced plastic AgriPlast, which Biowert manufactures from grass fibres and recycled plastic. “We only process grass from the region," says Meyer zu Drewer. "From it, we obtain cellulose, biogas and a fertilizer for the meadows, where the grass grows for the coming year – so the cycle is closed”. AT


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