19. Oct 2022

New Light Weight PLA High Temperature 3D filament

New Light Weight PLA High Temperature 3D filament

A new generation of Luminy® PLA based filaments has been launched by colorFabb.

The new Light Weight (LW) PLA High-Temperature 3D print filament was the result of a joint development between between TotalEnergies Corbion (Gorinchem, the Netherlands) and colorFabb (Belfeld, the Netherlands). The new filament allows for printing lighter weight and higher heat resistant parts.

Enthusiasts of Remote Control (RC) planes can now design and produce 3D planes that will withstand high sun temperatures. For this formulation colorFabb incorporated Luminy PLA technology to boost temperature resistance in their already existing light weight PLA 3D printing filament. While heat exposure still needs to be controlled, prolonged heat stability allows the planes not to be deformed quickly as the original LW-PLA.

“Good collaboration with customers is essential to develop new applications that fulfil market demand. Understanding product goals and requirements is essential to come to solutions that solve practical challenges”, said Vladislav Jašo, Application Specialist at TotalEnergies Corbion. “The openness and exchange of information were crucial to deliver results”, he added. TotalEnergies Corbion Research and Development laboratories facilitated a speedy optimization of the new formulation, delivering high heat resistance, while still allowing for excellent 3D printability and low weight.

“The new formulation exceeded our expectation during the real-world test. Within minutes the original LW-PLA printed parts started to deform, literally in front of our eyes, but the new formulation kept its shape well over time”, said Gijs Houdijk, Head of Additive Manufacturing at colorFabb. “The team of experts at TotalEnergies Corbion knew exactly what we needed and were able to speed up our R&D effort”.

The new Light Weight PLA High-Temperature 3D print filament is easier to use than other filaments. Made of Luminy PLA, it has a much better carbon footprint than other alternatives, and it is not toxic. Making it the right choice for 3D printing – safe and environmentally friendly.

In comparison with the previous version of the filament, the new Light Weight PLA High-Temperature 3D print filament, made with Luminy PLA, stood the heat without deformation by the sun. AT


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