16. Oct 2022

Bioplastics basics book now in 5 languages

Bioplastics basics book now in 5 languages

Bioplastics can be a broad and at times confusing term as it describes both what they are (biobased) and what they do (biodegrade), while not necessarily doing/being both.

Confused yet? Fret not, as we have a solution for you. Whether you are an industry greenhorn or veteran who wants to deepen their knowledge, or perhaps just a curious person who wants to know what “all that bioplastic stuff” is all about – Bioplastics: Basics, Applications, and Markets is the book for you.

Now in its third edition, the book written and published by Michael Thielen – Editor in Chief of bioplastics MAGAZINE – is available not just in English and German, but also in Chinese, French, and Spanish.

It is intended to offer a rapid and uncomplicated introduction to the subject of bioplastics, this book is aimed at all interested readers eager to dig deeply into the subject. It introduces plastics and bioplastics, explains which renewable resources can be used to produce bioplastics, what types of bioplastics exist, and which ones are already on the market.

Further aspects, such as market development, the agricultural land required, and waste disposal, are also examined.

The book is complemented by a comprehensive literature list and a guide to sources of additional information on the Internet.

The author, Michael Thielen, is a qualified mechanical design engineer with a PhD degree in plastics technology from the RWTH University in Aachen, Germany. He has written several books on the subject of bioplastics and blow-moulding technology and disseminated his knowledge of plastics in numerous presentations, seminars, guest lectures, and teaching assignments.

If you happen to be at the K’2022 in Düsseldorf this October pick up your copy of Bioplastics: Basics, Applications, and Markets in the language of your choice at booth 7a B10 (price of the book is EUR 20).


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