30. Aug 2022

New joint project "Biopolymers - Materials, Properties, Sustainability"

New joint project "Biopolymers - Materials, Properties, Sustainability"

The Kunststoff-Institut Lüdenscheid (Germany) is planning a new joint project for autumn 2022 that will examine application possibilities of biopolymers.

The topic of sustainability is the core issue of the current time, which the plastics industry in particular has to face. Every company is required to produce more sustainable and to minimise its CO2 footprint.

The material factor is the main aspect of component production, not only in terms of costs, but also in terms of energy. Therefore, the increase in sustainability must necessarily lead to the material input. The establishment of a circular economy is an option, but not the solution for every company or product.

The use of biobased and/or biodegradable polymers, possibly in combination with the circular economy, can be a solution.

But which materials and manufacturers are there? What properties do these materials have and to what extent can they be modified and where are the limits? Which materials come into question at all? What are the recycling options? And one of the main questions in this context: Are these materials really more sustainable?

With the help of this project, the participants should be able to decide for themselves which materials can be used for their own products and whether they increase the sustainability of the product. Therefore, both basic and product-related questions concerning the applicability of biopolymers are to be answered.

At the beginning of the project, definitions of terms and current market developments will be presented. An overview of the different types of biopolymers, their properties, raw material source, biobased content, or biodegradability as well as processing characteristics and a cost-technical consideration is needed to get a better basis for decisions. Furthermore, different biobased additives, wood and natural fibres, and the advantages and disadvantages of different disposal routes will be highlighted.

In order to generate the greatest possible benefit for the project participants, 5 different kinds of biopolymers will be selected for a more in-depth examination and research. In this regard, the project wants to show which raw material manufacturers offer these materials and which portfolio of additivation possibilities they have. In addition, research will be carried out on the selected polymer sorts for information on the sustainability of the raw material sources, the CO2 equivalents and the possible end-of-life options.

Most companies that are new to this group of materials will also have questions about how to communicate and promote a product made of bioplastics, as many have already heard more or less about problems in this field. With this in mind, various product examples are also searched for, on the basis of which a guideline for successful product promotion is drawn up.

And last, but not least: Since every company has different requirements for the properties of its products and thus the materials used, a material research for potentially suitable biopolymers for one product of each project participant is carried out within the project. Through networking and the cross-sectoral consideration of requirements, new impulses for the use of biopolymers can be made possible.

Although the project language will be German, it will also be possible for international participants to download the project results in English, if required.

The short project duration of 1 year offers a quick introduction into the topic of biopolymers.

The project participants do not have to invest any active work in the project themselves, so that a low personnel and cost effort is generated for the development of a knowledge base. The results will be presented in 3 project meetings over the project duration.

For project registration until 30 September 2022, there is an additional early bird discount of 5 %.

For questions or more information, please contact:
Dipl.-Ing. Julia Loth
+49 2351/ 1064-161


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