15. Jul 2022

TPE compounds formulated with biobased raw material

This new family of EVOPRENE® compounds, the ECO 1000 series, underlines Alphagary’s (Melton Mowbray, UK) commitment to sustainable development. The Evoprene ECO 1000 series is formulated with biobased raw materials, reducing reliance on traditional fossil-based raw materials.

These compounds are designed for both extrusion and moulding general-purpose applications. Having a natural base, these materials can be easily coloured.

Extensive lab testing was conducted on Evoprene ECO 1000. Comparing a compound with 25 % biobased raw materials against a compound formulated with traditional fossil-based raw materials, Alphagary found consistent mechanical properties (such as specific gravity, durometer, and tensile strength), good heat resistance, and consistent flow characteristics and surface finish compared with traditionally formulated compounds.

“As part of Orbia’s mission to Advance Life Around the World, Alphagary is expanding our portfolio of sustainable materials as well as investing in new technologies that allow our customers to achieve their own sustainability initiatives. Additionally, we are exploring methods that will allow us to quantify the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from formulation through manufacture of these compounds”, said John Jaddou, Alphagary’s Global Business Development Director. “Our approach is holistic – it goes beyond formulating with biobased raw material and recycled content. We are carefully listening to our customers’ own business goals and reimagining ways we can work together to advance common sustainability ambitions. Programs that partner with customers to prevent waste to landfill, using alternate materials that have lower carbon footprint, and choosing ingredients that are less harmful to the environment are all ways we are demonstrating our commitment to sustainable development”, he went on.

Rick Correia, Alphagary’s Global Operations Director, said, “The approach we take in our operations is as important as the innovative products we offer. Our investments to contract green energy, upgrade equipment efficiencies, and capture precious resources such as heat back into our facilities all help to reduce our carbon footprint and demonstrate our unwavering commitment to protect our environment”. AT


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