13. Jul 2022

New and Sustainable Biodegradable Material BioAcetate S70

New and Sustainable Biodegradable Material BioAcetate S70

BioAcetate S70 is an eco-friendly and high performing alternative material that is non-toxic and free from harmful phthalates. BioAcetate S70 uses renewable resources and is biodegradable according to ISO 14855.

The five main ECO-Advantages of BioAcetate S70 are as follows:

1. ISCC Sustainability Carbon Certification
2. 62 % biobased according to ASTM-D6866
3. Biodegradable according to ISO-14855
4. Harmful plasticizers free (NO DEP)
5. Biocompatibility according to ISO-10993

As the primary application, the material is ideal for injection moulding applications and handmade acetate frames production that is well-suited for high-end optic and eyewear frames. Other applications include household applications, electronic cigarette parts, smart phone covers, as well as watch parts. BioAcetate S70 aims to be a material that is better for Earth and better for performance. To find out more about the material one can view the YouTube video attached:



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