22. Mar 2022

NETSTAL demonstrates biodegradable packaging on all-electric high-performance machine

NETSTAL demonstrates biodegradable packaging on all-electric high-performance machine

At FIP in Lyon (April 5 to 8), NETSTAL (Näfels, Switzerland) will present an innovative thin-wall packaging application using KANEKA’s (Tokyo, Japan) Biodegradable Polymer Green Planet™.

Good prospects for packaging manufacturers: With a particularly sustainable packaging application, Netstal will demonstrate the high performance of its ELION series machines at the FIP (France Innovation Plasturgie) in Lyon (booth N11/M14). The ECOCUP drinking cup with a volume of 0.33 l is made of 100 % plant-based polymer. The ecological cup will be running on an all-electric Elion 1200–510 in a two-cavity mould from French partner SN Caulonque (Soustons, France). The high-performance application runs with a cycle time of less than 4 seconds.

Thin wall packaging made from certified biodegradable biopolymer
The performance advantages of Netstal apply without restriction to alternative materials. Kaneka Biodegradable Polymer Green Planet is a 100 % biobased polymer (PHBH) produced via a revolutionary bio-fermentation process using renewable plant oils as feedstock. The polymer accumulated in bacteria is extracted and purified by a water-based process. Kaneka Green Planet grades are certified "OK home" and "OK industrial" compostable. Moreover, the material shows excellent biodegradable properties under natural conditions such as in soil and marine waters and will biodegrade into biomass, carbon dioxide, and water through the digestive process of microorganisms available in nature. Hence, selected Kaneka Green Planet grades are also certified "OK biodegradable soil and marine." The innovative polymer PHBH has been listed in the European Commission's regulation "no.10/2011" for all food type contact since 2019.


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