17. Mar 2022

Decathlon Selects GreenPoxy® Bio-resins for Latest Sustainable Wakeboards

Sicomin Epoxy Systems (Châteauneuf-les-Martigues, France), the leading formulator of high-performance epoxy resin systems and the market leading GreenPoxy bio-resin range, announces its new collaboration with sports equipment giant Decathlon (Villeneuve-d'Ascq, France).

Sicomin will supply its GreenPoxy 33 resin to produce Decathlon’s new JIB and BLOCK wakeboards that will be manufactured at Meditec, the specialist composite board manufacturer based in Tunisia (Mornaguia).

With a desire to produce products that are as sustainable as possible, GreenPoxy 33 resins will contribute to Decathlon’s environmental mission, deriving 28 % of its carbon content from plant sources, whilst also providing high mechanical properties and exceptional clarity in the finished laminates. Formulated with rapid processing in mind, GreenPoxy 33 has been seamlessly integrated into Meditec’s manufacturing process, allowing it to match Decathlon’s production demand and keep cure cycles as short as 10 minutes at 100˚C.

Meditec combines GreenPoxy 33 with Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) accredited wood cores, further increasing the percentage of responsibly sourced materials in the new Jib and Block boards. Both models, have been designed for intermediate wakeboarders looking for a rigid yet flexible board to be used at cable parks or when towed. The Block model also features a unidirectional carbon strip on the lower part to further increase its pop on the water.

Decathlon closely monitors all factors that contribute to the ecological impact of its products, including the supply chains and transport miles incurred by both raw materials and finished products. Sicomin’s manufacturing site in Southern France combined with Meditec’s location close to Europe near Tunis, also provides a reliable and low mileage supply chain that avoids extended shipping from East Asia.


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