03. Mar 2022

Biobased engineering plastic "DURABIO™" used in ballpoint pens

Biobased engineering plastic "DURABIO™" used in ballpoint pens

Your choice in stationery can help reduce CO₂.

Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation (Tokyo, Japan) recently announced that their biobased engineering plastic "DURABIO" has been adopted as the main body part (rear shaft) of Pilot Corporation’s (Tokyo, Japan) ballpoint pen "Acroball T Series Biomass Plastic" and "FRIXION Ball Knock 05 Biomass Plastic." These products have been offered for sale by Pilot since February 3, 2022 (These products are currently only available for novelty items).

Durabio is a biobased engineering plastic made from the renewable plant-derived raw material "isosorbide," a highly durable material. In addition, the plastic can be applied to various design parts because it has excellent colour development during colouring and mouldability during processing. These excellent characteristics have been highly evaluated, which has led to its adoption. This is the first case for using Durabio in a stationery application

The use of biomass plastic made from plant-derived materials such as Durabio can reduce the petroleum consumption, which is an exhaustible resource. It can also contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases that are said to be the cause of global warming because the plant that makes up the raw material absorbs carbon dioxide during the growth process. MCC will continue to focus on the development of Durabio toward the realization of carbon neutrality. AT

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