17. Jan 2022

Arkema to expand Pebax production capacity globally by 25%

Arkema to expand Pebax production capacity globally by 25%

To support its customers’ strong growth, in particular in the sports and consumer goods markets, Arkema will increase its global manufacturing capacity for Pebax® elastomers by approximately 25% through an investment at its Serquigny plant in France.

Arkema has announced plans to  increase in its global Pebax elastomer production capacity by 25%. This will be achieve by investing in its Serquigny plant in France. This investment will notably enable increased production of the bio-circular Pebax Rnew and traditional Pebax ranges. This new capacity will produce a variety of highly specialized grades to meet growing demand in numerous demanding applications thanks to the lightweight, flexibility and excellent energy return of these materials. These properties are particularly appreciated in sports equipment, such as soles for running shoes, ski boots or technical textile, in consumer goods such as smartphones and flexible screens, as well as in other markets such as medical equipment.
Derived from renewable castor seeds, Pebax Rnew advanced bio-circular materials offer a sustainable solution to our customers who are increasingly driven by sustainability and social responsibility. Compared to other elastomers on the market, these materials have a carbon footprint that is up to 50% lower. Moreover, they are fully recyclable. In addition, this investment, which is scheduled to come on stream mid-2023, will lower the water consumption of the site by 25% thanks to process optimization.
“We are very excited to commit to an expansion in our Pebax elastomers capacity” said Erwoan Pezron, Senior Vice-President of Arkema’s High Performance Polymers Business Line. “The Serquigny plant has a long proven legacy in the production of these advanced materials, and we are delighted to add this new capacity to support our customers’ growing demand for high-performance sustainable materials. We will also continue to produce many of these materials at our Birdsboro plant in Pennsylvania”.


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