15. Dec 2021

Green Science Alliance develops novel sargassum-based biodegradable plastic

Green Science Alliance develops novel sargassum-based  biodegradable plastic

Japan-based Green Science Alliance Co., Ltd. has announced the development of novel materials and technology aimed at creating a low carbon, sustainable society.

Among others, their efforts have been directed at a next-generation rechargeable battery, fuel cells, solar cells, as well as CO2 capture and conversion technologies.
They have also focussed on creating a 100 % biomass-based biodegradable plastic and a range of bio-based chemicals.
The latest development, announced by Ryohei Mori at Green Science Alliance Co., Ltd. is the development of a 100% biomass-based biodegradable plastic from Sargassum, a project that was supported by the United Nations Office for Project Services - UNOPS - startup program.
Sargassum is a seaweed in the Caribbean Sea region. In latter years, its growth an bloom has expanded rapidly due to a combination of factors that are not yet completely understood. It is thought however, that global warming and the de-forestation of Amazon Rainforest play a play a role. When rich, fertile soil flows into the ocean the level of nutrients rises and this may be causing the sprawling growth of the seaweed.
Once sargassum reaches the beaches, it blankets them with a thick layer of stinking, rotting brown algae. The problem is especially severe especially in the coastal areas of Florida USA, Antigua and Barbuda, Mexico, Caribbean countries, South America and West Africa regions. Green Science Alliance has succeeded in creating a 100% biomass-based biodegradable resin pellet, which can be moulded into products from this waste.
Next to being an environmentally-friendly and sustainable material, because sargassum is low-cost and plentiful , this material is expected to be price-competitive.
Green Science Alliance is looking to cooperate with investors, companies, etc. in USA, Mexico, South America or Caribbean regions on the construction of a plant to produce the newly developed sargassum-based material at scale.


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