11. Nov 2021

UBQ inks deal with Polyram for sustainable thermoplastic compounds

Israeli companies UBQ Materials,a developer of the most climate-positive thermoplastic material on the market and Polyram Group, a leading international supplier of high performance thermoplastic compounds, have announced a new partnership.

Polygram will incorporate the patented bio-based material, UBQ, into its formulations to bring new sustainability solutions to market.
UBQ Materials converts unsorted household waste, including all organics, into UBQ, a sustainable, cost-effective functional resin substitute. Fully recyclable and made entirely from landfill-destined waste, UBQ has already been adopted by leading industry enterprises and is used for manufacturing durable products with reduced or even negative environmental footprint.
“As the automotive industry races to net-zero, manufacturers are facing a challenge in which they must reach the highest levels of performance, safety and quality engineering while pushing the limits of sustainability, and staying price competitive,” said Albert Douer, Chairman and Co-CEO of UBQ Materials. “By combining Polyram’s expertise in formulating and reinforcing high-end compounds with UBQ’s uniquely sustainable material, we are bringing a remarkable value proposition to the market. Materials created through this partnership offer significant environmental benefits, from replacing virgin materials to reducing emissions, all without compromising on functionality or profitability.”
As an international producer and supplier of high-performance thermoplastic compounds with worldwide operations and deployment, Polyram provides advanced materials for durable industrial applications and products in a variety of industries including automotive, water irrigation, electronics and packaging.
“With growing concerns about climate change and resource availability, sustainability has become a priority for automotive manufacturers. Not only have consumers come to expect environmental consciousness, but legislation now demands it, such as the European targets for carbon neutrality,” said Yuval Peleg, CEO of Polyram Group. “We are excited to partner with UBQ to meet this direct market need for materials that significantly lower carbon emissions while reaching the highest quality and performance standards of the auto industry.”
With Polyram’s expertise in formulation, the new compounds will incorporate up to 40% UBQ loading and will serve clients that are looking to integrate circular solutions and carbon-reduced materials into product lines.
Polyram Plastic Industries LTD was established in 1986 and employees a worldwide workforce of over 300. The company is a leading international supplier of high performance thermoplastic customized compounds with five production sites spread over four continents, including Israel, China, the US and the UK, with nine subsidiaries in the US, Spain, France, India, UK, China, Germany, Italy and Russia.
UBQ Materials Ltd. is a certified B Corp and a recent recipient of the 2020 Future of Plastics Award and 2020 Quality Innovation Awards. UBQ’s customers include global retail solutions provider Mainetti, Daimler, the manufacturer of Mercedes-Benz, and Arcos Dorados, the world’s largest franchisee of McDonald’s restaurants across Latin America.

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