26. Oct 2021

Sirmax debuts at Ecomondo with high-performance green products

Sirmax debuts at Ecomondo with high-performance green products

At Padua-based Sirmax Group’s first appearance at Ecomondo, the company is exhibiting its highly technological and innovative sustainable solutions.

The company from Cittadella (Padua) specializes in the production of polypropylene compounds, technopolymers, circular post-consumer compounds and bio-compounds for multiple sectors of application. For the 2021 edition of the Rimini trade show, the Group fine-tuned its high-performance green product families. Backed by decades of experience and by the work of five Research Centers, Sirmax is now able to produce compostable bio-compounds which are 100% biodegradable. It can also produce plastic derived from the mechanical recycling of post-consumer waste which can be used to create durable goods, and offers molding solutions that reduce the use of virgin plastic.
Sirmax Group has developed Biocomp, an innovative family of bioplastics made with raw materials obtained from both renewable and fossil raw materials. Biocomp is produced by Microtec, a Venice-based company acquired by Sirmax in 2019. It is produced in granular form using known technologies for the transformation of plastic materials, which have been specifically adapted to treat biodegradable and compostable polymers. These granules can be used to make products with similar or even improved characteristics compared to traditional plastics. However, unlike traditional plastics, they are completely biodegradable and compostable as required by standard EN 13432.

Biocomp finds application across the board in the flexible and rigid packaging sector, from large-scale distribution and the agri-food sector to catering and non-returnable packaging. Its use is therefore not limited to takeaway bags, but also includes compostable packaging for mozzarella, ice cream, and solid and liquid foods, refrigerator bags, laminated paper packaging for the sausage industry, and packaging and accessories for clothing and fashion items. It also extends to the production of plates, glasses, trays and cutlery for the hospitality sector, and freezer and ice cubes bags.

In the agricultural sector, Biocomp mulching sheets made with a completely biodegradable and compostable material are being tested in the field. Sirmax Group offers them as a replacement for traditional polyethylene sheets. This product – which is now in the approval phase – can be milled with crop residues at the end of the crop cycle, contributing to soil fertilization.

“We are also working on other projects," said Massimo Pavin, president & CEO of Sirmax Group . "In addition to mulching, a topic that the new generation of agricultural entrepreneurs is particularly sensitive to, we are also looking to the coffee capsule sector. Today, the use of capsules has become increasingly popular. During the pandemic, home coffee machines sales increased noticeably. Capsules are currently made of aluminum or traditional plastic. Sirmax is studying a compostable bioplastic that transforms the capsule into fertilizer enriched with coffee residues, which is excellent for plants."


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