10. Sep 2021

Flagship over-ear headphones use Eastman Trēva engineering bioplastic

Flagship over-ear headphones use Eastman Trēva engineering bioplastic

Known for its high-end, responsibly produced audio equipment, thinksound has launched its first over-ear headphones — the ov21 — using Eastman Trēva engineering bioplastic that contains more than 40% biobased content derived from sustainably harvested trees.

"We're a company that has always had sustainability as part of our mission," said Aaron Fournier, president and founder of thinksound. "Historically, we've achieved this by using wood and other natural or recyclable components. That created a challenge with new product development because we had to minimize the use of plastic. Trēva offered us an opportunity to develop headphones in an environmentally responsible way while meeting our rigorous standards for acoustic performance."
Trēva is a USDA Certified Biobased polymer that offers excellent acoustic properties in addition to the durability, chemical resistance and processability required for engineered applications in consumer electronic devices.
"We're proud to be working with a company like thinksound, with its deep commitment to environmentally sound products," said Courtland Jenkins, commercial director of specialty plastics for Eastman. "Eastman innovation is enabling a new level of sustainability with electronic components, which is part of our overall commitment to creating a more circular economy."
The audio company is also developing two wireless headphone products that will use sustainable materials as part of its commitment to environmentally responsible innovation.
"We now have the flexibility to create almost any audio product our customers desire, and we can do it in a way that we can feel good about," said Mark Forward, chief marketing officer of thinksound. "Eastman provides the kind of technology and innovation that matches our ambitions as a company. We're excited about the possibilities of what we can create together."

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