06. Sep 2021

Carbiolice obtains OK Compost HOME certification for PLA rigid packaging with Evanesto

Carbiolice has developed an enzymatic additive which, when added during traditional transformation processes, makes PLA compostable under domestic conditions.

PLA is a bioplastic that has the advantage of being both biosourced and biodegradable, however its compostability was previously limited to industrial conditions (high and constant temperatures).
In November 2020, Carbiolice had validated a first step by earning OK compost HOME certification from the TÜV AUSTRIA Group for flexible plastic packaging (single-layer films with a maximum thickness of 60 μm and multi-layer films with a maximum thickness of 30 μm), containing 33% PLA, 62% PBAT** and incorporating 5% Evanesto.
Rigid packaging containing Evanesto turns into compost within 255 days, even at room temperature and therefore in domestic conditions.
Carbiolice has now been granted a new "OK Compost HOME" certification, this time for thicker packaging (up to 450 μm in monolayers), and with a higher PLA content (70%) - yoghurt pots, trays, cups, but also horticultural pots, and the like.
The close collaboration between TÜV AUSTRIA and Carbiolice will enable packaging manufacturers to facilitate their own certification process when their products contain Evanesto.
This innovation is an additional tool in the eco-design strategy for plastic packaging. It will enable food manufacturers to reduce the environmental impact of plastics that cannot be recycled because they are too thin, too complex or soiled by food.
"Carbiolice proves through this new certification that by combining enzymology and plastics processing, it is possible to better control the end of life of plastics. Our Group is fully committed to this circular economy approach and to the positive recovery of plastic packaging. Our innovative biotechnological processes, based on the use of enzymes, make it possible to rethink the end-of-life of plastic and textile polymers. Concrete solutions that will enable brands and manufacturers to reduce their environmental impact,” said Jean-Claude Lumaret, President of Carbiolice .


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