28. Jun 2021

Trendy new colouring for home-compostable biopolymers

The Lifocolor group has announced that it has expanded its range of Lifocolor BIO masterbatches for biopolymers, with what the company calls bio-C colour concentrates. These concentrates are based on a selection of particularly environmentally compatible colourants and are suitable for colouring bio-based home compostable polymers.

Under home composting conditions, they degrade to water, carbon dioxide and minerals.
Now, for the first time, Lifocolor has designed its trending colour series 2022 according to the standards of bio-C masterbatches, demonstrating that bio-based and biodegradable bioplastics can be both trendy and colorful as well as highly sustainable.
“Combined with suitable biopolymers, our Lifocolor Bio-C Masterbatches can decompose under home composting conditions. They decompose during the decomposition process to water, carbon dioxide and minerals. All the colourants used are therefore selected so that they do not pollute the environment during degradation,” said Dr. Martin Fabian, Managing Director of the Lifocolor corporate group.
This year, the Lifocolor group has gone a step further with its interpretation of the trending plastic colours for 2022.
“For the first time, we created our yearly trending colour series Colour Road in accordance with our new Lifocolor Bio-C Masterbatch standard. In doing so, we show that biodegradable biopolymers can absolutely be coloured to fit the latest trends,” said Fabian. He added there was no need for boring and bio to be one and the same thing. “Actually, it's quite the opposite. Sustainability and trendy colours go very well together. This puts us on pace with the times in two respects”.
The colorists at Lifocolor have created a selection of brilliant colors that meet the demanding requirements of biodegradability. The eleven home compostable masterbatch formulations that comprise the Colour Road 2022 selection pave the way for the successful certification of the end product as home compostable.
Colour Road is developed every year in close cooperation with RENOLIT SE. Their trend experts consult with international colour designers and institutes to put together a trend report for Lifocolor. In a joint creation process, the upcoming season’s trendsetting colour codes are interpreted for the plastics industry. The motto of Colour Road 2022, “In touch with colours”, was chosen to match the idea of sustainable colouring for biopolymers. The eleven trending colours were inspired by the balance between nature and society. The colour world for 2022 deals with the three trending topics: “Elements” with calming blue and green impulses; “Fundamental” with base tones in grey, white and sand colours; and “Statement” in shades of rose, brown and red.


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