20. May 2021

HCS Group joins BioChem Europe

HCS Group joins BioChem Europe

As a member of BioChem Europe – a subdivision of Cefic – HCS Group will help shape and contribute to the future of renewable chemicals in Europe.  

HCS Group, a leading international supplier of solutions for high-value hydrocarbon specialties, has become a member of BioChem Europe, a recently established sector group within the European Chemical Industry Council (Cefic). The aim of the consortium is to raise awareness for the benefits of sustainable chemistry for society, the environment and the economy and to establish a close dialogue with the EU authorities.

“We are delighted to play an active role in BioChem Europe and to further promote the concept of sustainability in our markets”, says Henrik Krüpper, CEO HCS Group, and adds: “This visible participation is underscoring our aspiration to be a ‘leader in hydrocarbon-based specialties’, and also a pioneer with regard to bio-based solutions. The time is right as fast developing technologies, supporting policies and increasing customer demand offer opportunities for strategic differentiation and profitable growth for HCS Group.”

Renewable feedstocks enable high-end applications
The mid-size chemical company is a pioneer in developing and marketing a sustainable technologies portfolio based on renewable feedstocks under the Haltermann Carless brand. Together with strong partners the company has access to a variety of bio-based raw materials allowing to supply into high-e,nd applications ranging from high purity solvents for personal care and cosmetics to specialty bio-fuels for motorsport races, outdoor power equipment and aviation.
Only recently, HCS Group announced its intention to be the first commercial producer in Germany to enter the Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) market by the end of 2024. To this end, the company plans to build a production facility at its Haltermann Carless Speyer (Germany) plant based on the low-emission Alcohol-to-Jet technology ("ATJ").
Biomass-derived chemicals contribute to the European Green Deal
Biomass-derived chemicals contribute to meet the ambitions of the European Green Deal. They help to improve resource efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions by partially replacing non-renewable natural resources or fossil fuels during production processes. The special chemicals are made from plant-based feedstocks such as agriculture, forestry and marine biomass, and their co-products and waste, which are mostly grown in Europe and are sustainably sourced.

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