23. Feb 2021

bioplastics MAGAZINE is celebrating its 15th Anniversary

bioplastics MAGAZINE is celebrating its 15th Anniversary

bioplastics MAGAZINE is celebrating its 15th Anniversary. Due to the pandemic we can't party. But we have a gift for you.

My first - serious – encounter with bioplastics was 15 years ago, at interpack 2005, and there, I was completely blown away by what I saw. That resulted in the founding of bioplastics MAGAZINE just under a year later. 

Ten years ago (again at interpack) and five years ago (at K‘2019), we were thrilled to be able to invite you all to a celebratory party, in both cases at our trade fair booth, to commemorate these milestones with us. And this year, we would have loved to do so again. Obviously, however, the pandemic has put a spoke in that wheel, making this one more event to succumb to COVID-19.

Most of us are still on one or the other type of lockdown and forced to stay at home. So why not use the time to read? To mark our anniversary, we have now started offering all 85 of the magazine’s issues that have appeared since the start in 2006, free of charge*, in the new web kiosk at epaper.bioplasticsmagazine.com. So go ahead - start browsing the current or older issues.

Additionally, as international mailing services have become prone to significant delays and delivery problems since the beginning of the pandemic, we’ve also made issues 02/2020 through 01/2021 printable and downloadable, free of charge.

Looking ahead, the future is bright. With our new editor Alex Thielen and a growing range of topics, we are in excellent shape and good to go for the years to come. More details in our next issue in early April.

And, of course, we hope to meet you again in person and have a beer on our anniversary at one of our conferences later this year.

Until then: Cheers !

Michael Thielen

*: free of charge at least during our anniversary year 2021

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