09. Dec 2020

Total Corbion PLA appoints new management to drive next phase of growth

Total Corbion PLA appoints new management to drive next phase of growth

Total Corbion PLA is pleased to announce its new executive leadership team: Thomas Philipon, CEO and Chiel Rietvelt, CFO.

The appointments mark a significant next step in the company’s growth and, together with the earlier announcement of the planned PLA production plant in Europe1, demonstrate the company’s commitment to driving the growth of the bioplastics industry.

Thomas Philipon began as CEO of Total Corbion PLA on October 1st 2020. Thomas brings with him extensive experience in the plastics industry, having worked at DuPont for over 15 years. He is looking forward to leading Total Corbion PLA through the next stage of growth: “Announcing a second plant within two years after starting up the first one is a clear sign of Total Corbion PLA’s ambition and commitment to continue supporting the growth of the bioplastics market. I’m very much looking forward to contributing towards the next chapter in our company’s story.”

Chiel Rietvelt became CFO of Total Corbion PLA in April 2020. Chiel has decades of experience in a range of industries and is enthusiastic about this latest challenge: “The bioplastics industry as a whole is growing at an incredible rate, and to support the company in extending its geographically diversified production capacity is an exciting journey. “

Thomas Philipon thanks Stephane Dion (previous CEO) and Geoff Norby (previous CFO) for laying down solid foundations to the Joint Venture growth. “In 2017, Total Corbion PLA embarked on an ambitious growth plan and without the energy and passion from Stephane and Geoff we would not be already proposing so many diverse bioplastic solutions to our customers worldwide and we would not be announcing our intentions to build a second plant already in 2020,” says Philipon.


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