13. Nov 2020

Footprint launches sustainable takeaway food container

Footprint, a sustainable technology firm specializing in materials science engineering, today announced the launch of its new, plant-based clam-shell food container available for order now.

As takeout orders and disposable food container use rises during the pandemic, this plastic and PFAS-free alternative meets the expectations of food providers and customers without sacrificing quality or convenience.

Continuing its mission to create a healthier planet and healthier people, Footprint’s new, molded fiber, plant-based clamshell container will not only reduce unnecessary waste from entering the environment, but also reduce exposure to toxic chemicals found in plastic. The materials scientists who designed Footprint’s clamshell created barrier technologies to replace the plastic liners commonly found in fast-casual service and universities takeout food ware. Footprint’s barrier technologies protect against oil and water offering a plant-based product that is at quality and cost parity, on a per unit basis, as alternatives made with plastic. Footprint’s clamshell is 100 percent plastic-free and PFAS-free, so Footprint clamshells will not harm the environment, people, or food.

Recent studies have shown that toxic PFAS chemicals entering the human body via exposure through ingestion or inhalation are disrupting our endocrine system, ultimately impacting fertility and proper child development2. PFAS chemicals have been detected in the blood of 97 percent of Americans3 and have been linked to a reduction of antibody responses to vaccines and less resistance to infectious disease4.

“The studies on the negative health impacts of single use plastics are staggering,” said Footprint CEO and Co-Founder Troy Swope. “As we continue to navigate COVID-19 and enter into flu season, we’re proud to offer a solution that encourages socially distanced dining with PFAS-free, plant-based containers that are compostable, and biodegradable.”

The clamshell food container joins Footprint’s family of plant-based products, including its frozen meal containers and drink cups and lids. To date, Footprint has already eliminated over 61 million tons of plastics and is driven to eliminate single and multi-use plastics around the world.


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