28. Oct 2020

Lifoam Industries granted multiple patents for manufacturing biobased foam packaging

Lifoam Industries granted multiple patents for manufacturing biobased foam packaging

Lifoam Industries, a business segment and subsidiary of LifeMade Products producing foam coolers and shipping containers for healthcare, pharmaceutical, and commercial packaging, has been awarded multiple patents for making and moulding an entirely new type of bio-based bead foam

The new, bio-based, proprietary technology performs similarly both thermally and mechanically to traditional EPS, but is composed entirely of renewable materials. Lifoam claims products made with the PLA-based technology consist of 99.8% renewable materials.

Lifoam will debut its patent-pending panel moulding manufacturing process technology with the introduction of a panelled insulation product by the end of this year, and expects to expand manufacturing capabilities in 2021 to include already-patented, shape-moulded coolers.

“While traditional EPS foam has historically been a mainstay in temperature-controlled shipping containers due to its durability, convenience and performance, companies and consumers have started requesting alternative insulation containers made of renewable materials,” said Mark Gettig, President of LifeMade.

He added, “This new technology represents a key development from our organization and reinforces our commitment to providing innovative solutions to customers who are not hitting sustainability KPIs or have to sacrifice performance to do so.”

This new technology enables the familiar and reliable qualities of foam to be maintained without the use of petroleum-based materials. This allows pharmaceutical, food and other commercial distributors to easily make the transition to sustainable solutions without risking major supply and logistical changes necessary for a switch to a completely different shipping container.

Lifoam Industries is the pioneer of the original foam cooler and has been a global provider of innovative and cost-effective cold-chain shipping solutions for more than 60 years. Lifoam is leading the U.S. temperature control consumer market, with premium brands recognized for quality and performance.

LifeMade Products LLC is a Jadex Inc. operating company. Jadex Inc. is a US-based manufacturing and material science company utilizing innovation and technology to develop sustainable products that serve the medical, industrial and consumer markets.


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