04. Aug 2020

Coperion supports RenCom in production of durable biomaterial

Coperion supports RenCom in production of durable biomaterial

Swedish innovation company RenCom AB has chosen Coperion’s state-of-the art twin screw extrusion system to enable the production of RENOL, an innovative thermoplastic biomaterial that can be used to replace fossil-based plastics.

RenCom has a patented material and process that energy-efficiently transforms lignin into renewable, degradable biomaterial that can replace fossil plastics, that it markets under the brand name RENOL. RENOL is a durable, reusable biomaterial that can be used for all kinds of plastic products, such as bags and glues. It can be used directly in existing production infrastructure without any modifications to machines or methods.

Following comprehensive studies in Coperion’s extrusion test lab in Stuttgart, Germany, RenCom and Coperion dveloped a technology to process this lignin-based material into durable, reusable biomaterial using ZSK twin screw extruder technology.

Now, in cooperation with RenCom, Coperion has designed a complete extrusion system comprised of a ZSK co-rotating twin screw extruder, gravimetric feeders, a strand pelletizing system, a lignin bag dump station and a big bag station to RenCom.

The ZSK Mv PLUS series offers a combination of an optimally balanced large free screw volume with high screw speeds and a high specific torque. Thanks to the deeply cut screw flights, thermal stress on the raw material is very low for gentle processing. The ZS-B side feeder enables fillers and additives to be added to the process section as required. The complete system, with a production capacity of 1000 tons per year, will be delivered in October. RenCom will be able commence production late 2020.

The collaboration marks the start of what the companies see as a successful partnership between RenCom and Coperion.

“We are proud to supply extrusion process know-how and technology for such a future generation of biomaterial like RENOL,” said Peter von Hoffmann, General Manager Business Unit Engineering Plastics & Special Applications at Coperion. “We truly believe in RenCom’s green objectives and see great potential in their bioproduct RENOL, which actively contributes to reducing CO2 emissions in comparison to fossil-based plastics.”

Christopher Carrick, RenCom’s Chief Executive Officer, added that he was ‘very happy’ to announce the partnership with Coperion.

“It is a fundamental key stone in our progress to supply our innovative material to a broad audience and to enter the market as early as beginning of 2021. Working with the best of its kind is particularly important as Coperion is the world leader in the field of extrusion and process engineering perfection. We are excited to further develop this partnership!”

Image: Coperion and RenCom team during project kick-off meeting in Stuttgart, Germany (from left to right: David Watmore, Peter von Hoffmann (both Coperion), Johan Verendel, RenCom, Stefan Hirsch, Levin Batschauer, Jörg Prochaska (all Coperion), Christopher Carrick (RenCom)


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