06. May 2020

Biocomposite producer appoints new management

Biocomposite producer appoints new management

Trifilon, a Swedish producer of biocomposite plastics, has appointed a new CEO. Johan Thiel, former CEO of the listed helmet safety company MIPS, joined the Trifilon team on April 29th. Johan has a broad entrepreneurial background with a history of creating value for both customers and consumers alike.

He replaces Martin Lidstrand, the current CEO and founder. Lidstrand will transition into Trifilon’s CTO role and take on the responsibility of technology and product development.

The Board is also strengthened with the addition of Rebecka Eriksson and Ulf Söderström. Ulf has over 20 years of experience from leading positions in companies listed on the Swedish stock exchange such as Autoliv, Essity, SCA, Boliden and Scania. Both Johan and Ulf are engaging with Trifilon as equity partners. 

Ulf Söderström will, in addition to his work on the board, together with Johan be active in the operational management of Trifilon.
Rebecka Eriksson is elected as a member to the Board of Directors for Trifilon. Rebecka has extensive experience of long-term investments in growth companies. Rebecka is already an owner of Trifilon via the investment company Eriksson Capital, with a ownership of 13%.

Trifilon is now strengthened, with broad international experience, for further growth in a demanding industry. Johan has a history from an innovation-driven start-up environment and Ulf from major industrial companies. With both Johan and Ulf as operational forces in the company, Trifilon is equipped to take the next step for further development and growth.

Trifilon develops and delivers sustainable biocomposite plastics for demanding products, both locally here in Sweden and around the world. The market for sustainable alternatives to conventional petroleum based plastics is expected to grow strongly, especially for biocomposites which offer superior performance. Trifilon is now also strengthening its position with an injection of new capital and new skills to meet the increased market demand.

“We believe that Trifilon has an offer that is important for our future. Plastics will not go away and the need for quality and commercially defensible fossil-free alternatives are enormous. Trifilon can already offer these products and together with Trifilon's customers, we will establish the conditions for international expansion,” said Ulf.

“It is a unique benefit to work with companies like Trifilon. Trifilon creates opportunities to help change the world, based on research and innovation. It is an incredible force in the ongoing trend of change that we are experiencing. Most people agree; the environment is not doing well and we must do something about it, now. Trifilon stands for sustainable solutions for parts of the problem,” commented Johan.

“Trifilon is a long term and climate important investment from our part. We believe that Trifilon can be a part of the future where circular and renewable materials permeate all products. Usually, it is a challenging journey to reach the market with new offers. However, with the overall experience and the product offering Trifilon has it feels safe,” says Rebecka.

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