29. Jan 2020

EMSUR develops compostable barrier bag for coffee market

EMSUR develops compostable barrier bag for coffee market

Environmentally-conscious, flexible, two or three-layer barrier properties – Emsur’s latest packaging development ticks all the boxes. While aimed at the coffee market, the new solution is already finding application beyond that sector alone.

Developed by the EMSUR Group at its EMSUR Valencia Saymopack facilities in Algemesí in response to customer demand for a more sustainable multi-layer packaging solution, the new compostable packaging keeps foodstuffs fresh and retains all other properties as well. The laminar structure, specially designed for the coffee market, can be applied to different high added value categories such as dry food, snacks & confectionery or pet food. Its development is applicable both for rotogravure and flexographic printing and it is transferable to other plants in the group worldwide.
All the materials used to manufacture this product have a certificate of compostability according to UNE-EN 13432.
EMSUR has developed a specific compostable bag with a high-performance triplex structure that uses adhesives and special inks that are also compostable. The bag can be transparent, opaque or colour-printed, in gloss or matt, with a wide range of visual and sensory effects to enhance product differentiation.
Innotech, the technological innovation centre inaugurated in 2019, offers the possibility of investigating other applications and / or similar structures, in both rigid and flexible formats.
In addition to its sustainability, the main advantage of this new packaging is its excellent barrier properties compared to other compostable plastics.
The coffee bag shown is for a compostable rigid capsule that can also have a compostable lid, resulting in a wholly sustainable solution used with the compostable capsule produced by COEXPAN, Rigid Packaging division (rigid plastic sheet and thermoformed products) of Grupo Lantero.
This new development can be used as a packaging solution and compostable alternative to food products that require a BIO, Natural or Organic positioning. The figures speak for themselves; according to Mintel, in Germany, 46% of consumers consider biodegradable or compostable packaging to be better for the environment, while 38% of Britons consider it "acceptable" to pay a higher price for products that use more sustainable packaging, if this contributes to a better planet.
EMSUR is a division of the Grupo Lantero dedicated to the manufacture of flexible containers for packaging solutions primarily designed for the food sector.
The company currently has 10 production plants that allow them to conduct business in over 60 countries spanning the Americas, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

Image: EMSUR

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