23. Jan 2020

Kompuestos certifies new bioplastic based on potato starch

Kompuestos certifies new bioplastic based on potato starch

Kompuestos, a leading producer of sustainable compounds in Europe, has developed a new bioplastic based on potato starch that will degrade ‘on the ground’ within four weeks. It joins the company’s Biokomp range of biodegradable resins made from different starches derived from corn, potato and various types of cereals.

The new bioplastic has been developed to replace the fossil-based plastic used to make traditional supermarket plastic bags for fruit or vegetables. Biokomp products are certified by independent international entities according to European standard EN 13432.

Kompuestos has been granted an "OK Compost" label from TÜV Austria, for both the new bioplastic and three of its other Biokomp resins. TÜV is the leading inspection, certification and and testing organization in the world. The 4 certificates obtained by the company are divided into two "Ok Compost HOME" labels, certifying that these bioplastics are suitable for home composting and two "Ok Compost INDUSTRIAL" labels for the two industrial compostable bioplastic products.

As products made from bioplastic are virtually indistinguishable from those made from conventional materials such labels play a vital role as a means of identification for consumers. Using independent and internationally respected labels protects the image of bioplastics and serves to provide consumers with the information they need.
In addition, obtaining these labels was essential in order to be able to market the products as biodegradable/compostable. Certificates accrediting the properties that are advertised are mandatory, and may require between four and fourteen months depending on the level of compostability.


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