20. Nov 2019

New collaboration announced between nova-Institute and BT2i

New collaboration announced between nova-Institute and BT2i

Companies will now be able to benefit from the extensive experience of two leading European research institutes on innovation and technology.

As of November 2019, BT2i (France) and nova-Institute (Germany) have signed a long-term agreement to accelerate and enlarge the success of a brand new TWatch Program dedicated to Greener Plastics.

TWatch Programs have been offered successfully for many years by technology intelligence and marketing company BT2i on a diverse range of topics. In light of the many challenges faced today by the plastics and chemicals industry, the technology scouting will support companies on their way to a more sustainable path of making and using plastics.

The multi-client TWatch Program provides its customers with the latest information on innovation and market developments in the plastic sector. Specifically included topics are bioplastics, biocomposites, natural fibres, non-toxic plastics and substitution of chemicals, recycled plastics, “plastic-free” materials, case studies by sectors (packaging, transport …), new regulations and trends as well as market data.

Benefits are a database of information which is fed year-round and a monthly newsletter highlighting the most important innovations. Webinars, individual consultant sessions and an annual event are included in the package as well. A much needed support system for companies looking into greener plastic solutions.

“There are so many important questions about technologies, politics and markets that many companies need to have answered in order to design their future strategies,” said Michael Carus, managing director of nova-Institute. He continued: “Often, getting a substantiated answer to all of them is too expensive for any single company. In a multi-client study, a lot more can be offered – if it is implemented with a lot of experience and professionalism. And that's why we cooperate with BT2i!”

nova-Institute will promote the Greener Plastics TWatch Program in Germany and other German speaking countries, in the Netherlands and Nordic Countries. More information can be found at www.nova-institute.eu/services/twatch and a webinar for interested companies will take place on 16 January 2020, 15:00.

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