19. Jun 2019

Lamipak Introduces its first sustainable packaging solution: LamiNatural

Lamipak Introduces its first sustainable packaging solution: LamiNatural

Lamipak, a producer of high quality aseptic packaging, has announced the launch of its All Brown Board product ‘LamiNatural’. The new product will offers the lowest carbon footprint in Lamipak’s product range.

aDesigned with sustainability in mind, one of the distinct features of LamiNatural is the absence of a layer of white clay coating, which exposes the unbleached paper underneath that gives the product its natural brown fiber appearance. Besides aesthetics, the overall weight of the product is reduced, resulting in a smaller carbon footprint in the manufacture and transport of the package. Another added benefit of the design is lower wastage and chemical use, which not only increases the product yield but also cuts the consumption of natural resources. As a further sustainability feature, a bio-based polymer is used on the external layer of the package, reducing our dependence on fossil fuel resources.
“Our company is excited to introduce a product that offers the best sustainable solution in our portfolio. We strongly believe this is the future trend that will continue to be driven by the end consumers,” said Michael Cheung, Brand Manager at Lamipak. “In the near future, we hope to continue to develop our product further to minimize its overall environmental impact.”
Established in 1986, Lamipak has evolved into one of the leaders in aseptic packaging where it is currently the largest exporter from China.


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