16. May 2019

Anandi Eco wins Prestigious "Bio-based Material of the Year 2019" Award

Anandi Eco+ are the first and only Govt. of India lab certified 100% compostable sanitary pads which become part of soil & manure within 90 – 180 days, both under composting conditions and in nature developed by Aakar Innovations..

These pads can be disposed easily in the backyard mud pit of any rural household without polluting the environment, creating biomanure for agriculture. The materials used to make the pads are all natural:  jute, bagasse, banana fibre, water hyacinth and the like. In other words, use is made of local resources, including agri-plant waste materials, to produce the sanitary pads, helping to reduce cost .

Aakar Innovations win prestigious award

Anandi pads do not use any harmful chemicals like SAP or plastics and degrade into manure post disposal, therefore saving the environment in a huge way. The products comply with the Compostable American Standard ASTM 6400 & European Standard EN 13432. Aakar fulfil 12 out of 17 SDGs of UN through their work. 


In December 2018, Aakar Innovations was also selected as the winner of the 13th Global Bioplastics Award, by bioplastics MAGAZINE 


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