13. Mai 2019

BASF and Lactips partner to market water-soluble, biodegradable film

BASF and Lactips today announced that both companies have signed an exclusive contract to market Lactips’ water-soluble, 100% bio-based and fully biodegradable material prepared from natural ingredients.

aThis long-term partnership supports BASF’s strategy to leverage sustainable solutions to drive business growth.

BASF and Lactips will bring in their respective expertise to offer this innovative technology to the home care as well as industrial and institutional (I&I) market. While Lactips focuses on the development of the film material technology based on technical casein obtained from excess of milk protein production, BASF will bring in its expertise in network and supply chain to market the product. The solution of Lactips aims on the replacement of polyvinyl alcohol films in home care and I&I applications, such as dishwasher tabs.

“Sustainability plays a major role in all of BASF’s business processes,” said Robert Parker, Director, New Business Development at Care Chemicals, BASF. “Lactips’ solution for films for dishwasher tabs supplements our existing portfolio of sustainable offerings. It allows us to provide our customers with a broad portfolio of bio-degradable products for the home care industry.”

“Lactips is proud to have its technology marketed by a leading global partner with a strong network,” said Marie-Hélène Gramatikoff, CEO Lactips. “We will benefit from BASF’s experience and latest developments in the home care industry.”

Lactips offers the first water-soluble, fully biodegradable plastic-free plastic. Created in 2014 by Marie-Hélène Gramatikoff, plastics and business strategy specialist, and Frédéric Prochazka, PhD, researcher at Saint-Etienne University, LACTIPS designs, develops and markets a water-soluble, biodegradable plastic-free plastic material based on milk protein. This new material is also food contact approved, edible and aligned with the sustainable ambitions of the food processing sector. In the middle term, LACTIPS plans to build a 2,500-square-metre plant to expand production to 3,000 tons a year and up.

http:// www.lactips.com


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