20. Dec 2018

VTT becomes an R&D partner in the Think Beyond Plastic innovation ecosystem

VTT becomes an R&D partner in the Think Beyond Plastic innovation ecosystem

Finnish research centre VTT has joined the international Think Beyond Plastic’s User Facility Network. The collaboration was announced at the New Plastics Economy Investor Forum on 7th December in Frankfurt.

mThink Beyond Plastic is a global multi-disciplinary effort to commercialize research and innovation aimed at addressing the issue of plastic pollution and its health impacts and advancing the circular economy for plastics – the New Plastics Economy.

To accelerate the pace of discovery and innovation, and also to de-risk corporate investments in R&D, innovation and prototyping, Think Beyond Plastic has launched the User Facility Network. Its purpose is to offer innovators access to equipment and facilities for testing, experimentation and, for example, minimum viable prototype (MVP) development.

“Think Beyond Plastic is harnessing the forces of innovation and entrepreneurship to advance the circular economy for plastics. Our special focus is on new bio-benign materials, green and sustainable chemistry, innovative packaging and product delivery systems. We support innovators by providing a bridge to commercialisation, including industry guidance, mentorship and feedback, access to capital and – a key component for success – infrastructure for testing, prototyping, characterization and scaling,” said the founder and CEO of Think Beyond Plastic, Daniella Russo.

VTT’s experts, state-of-the-art pilot plants and unique research infrastructure bridge the gap between laboratory-scale development and the commercial production of new breakthrough solutions like new materials and increased recycling of plastics. VTT’s R&D infrastructure includes a selection of lab- and bench-scale plants, as well as pilot plants, serving the major steps of the development chain.

“VTT develops top solutions to help companies develop and renew their business. In the world we live in today, solutions and innovations are made through collaboration and partnerships. Think Beyond Plastic focuses on grand challenges – like resource sufficiency and climate change – that are also most important to VTT,”said Tiina Nakari-Setälä, Vice President of Research at VTT.

Innovation is a key driver of economic growth and fills the multiple technology, design and business model gaps in the current plastic value chain to accelerate the transition into a system that works. VTT and Think Beyond Plastic have already concreate plans to support the innovators, for example, through tailor-made workshops.

“The partnership with VTT is a valuable strategic resource for the entire innovation ecosystem, because of the breath of capacity offered by them in biomass processing and products as well as chemical and material technologies. We are excited about the opportunity to produce, test and bring to market viable, scalable portfolio of innovations that can accelerate the transition towards the circular economy for plastics,” Russo continued.

“The year has been great and it is wonderful that the work together with Think Beyond Plastic continues through this collaboration. VTTers are excited to solve the questions these innovators are facing,” said Anna Tenhunen, the project manager of the collaboration at VTT.


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