Mangalam Organics signs alliance agreement with DRT


Indian chemical company Mangalam Organics has announced it has entered into an alliance agreement with France-based pine chemistry industry leader Derives Resiniques ET Terpeniques (DRT) to manufacture and supply terpene phenolic resin.

cMangalam Organics Limited is one of the largest Terpene Phenolic Resin manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in India.

Terpene phenolic resins are thermoplastic polymers manufactured by copolymerization of terpene hydrocarbons and phenol. They are used as tackifying agents in rubber formulations for tyres, tube adhesives, hot melt coatings and printing inks.

Under the arrangement, Mangalam Organics will sell the Product exclusively to DRT for distribution. DRT will purchase the products from MOL and be responsible for sales and service of the products.