06. Nov 2017

Developments on the PHA Bioplastics front continue to advance

Hydal Corporation (headquartered in Singapore) will start the production of a PHA biopolymer (PHB) in Slovakia on the site of its Slovak partner. It is the first industrial plant for production of this biopolymer. Hydal biotechnology enables the production from used cooking oil.

The production capacity of the factory in the first phase will be 1.000 t with up-scaling up to 10.000 t of PHB / year. Production will begin at the end of 2018. PHB will be used to develop and manufacture their own "nonoilen" bioplastic solution and for cosmetic applications.

The Hydal Corporation was founded by two EU partners: NAFIGATE Corporation – owner of biopolymer PHA production technology know-how and Panara Ltd. – owner of biopolymer blends process technology know-how.
Contribution of both companies in the form of patented, unique industrial know-how gives Hydal Corporation very big potential to succeed in the worldwide market expansion.
Besides technology know-how, both partners are experts in the area of bio-technologies and bio-plastics processing. Both founders have strong R&D base and technical support which increases the potential of successful investments into project in each phase of its realization.


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