Unique electric scooter from biobased materials launched


Amsterdam, Tuesday September 12 - Sustainable mobility has been given a shot in the arm with the introduction of the Be.e. The Be.e is the first electric scooter that was designed, developed and manufactured, with structural parts made from biocomposites.

nThe scooter was introduced in Amsterdam on September 12. And it has more going for it than its sustainability credentials alone: developed in collaboration with design studio Waarmakers, much time and creativity also went into its look& feel. The result is an alluring two-wheeler with distinctive lines and character, with attention for details such as hand-stitched saddles, available in vinyl or leather; or the integrated generously-sized windscreen, impregnated with a nano coating for outstanding wet-weather vision. The wide tires provide good grip and stability on uneven ground; LED lights, indicators and side running lights make sure you can see and be seen at all times.

The Be.e has a body made of biocomposite, in this case, hemp fibres from Groningen in the norther part of the Netherlands in a matrix of partly bio-based structure that at the same time is designed to perform. The drive train is top of the bill. The scooter features a 4kW motor (highest in its class) and a 2.5kWh Li-ion battery that comes with a 4 year or 1000 cycle guarantee, ensuring long range with more power and torque. The on-board charger completely recharges the battery in just 4 hours; topping up in between is no problem.
Range anxiety is a thing of the past: the display accurately shows the distance that can be travelled on the current battery charge.
The Be.e also has a reverse gear, making it easy to manoeuvre under difficult conditions.
The development of the Be.e was made possible by a successful crowdfunding campaign in 2015. Angel investors and the first launching customers provided an extra boost in realizing the first 8 Be.e scooters. These will be delivered and on the road in just a few weeks.