30. Jun 2017

French green chemistry company partners on scale-up innovative biorecycling process

Carbios, an innovative green chemistry company specializing in enzymatic bioprocesses, has joined hands with TechnipFMC, a leading expert in the fields of energy, chemistry and bio-sourced industries, on a project for the industrial development of Carbios’ PET enzymatic recycling process.

cCarbios’ technology enables virgin PET to be produced from plastic waste, i.e. bottles, films and packaging. This contract covers assistance to CARBIOS for the scale up of its process to ensure industrial competitiveness.

The global market for PET is growing 4% to 5% annually; current production amounts to 64 million tons each year, with a value of $70 billion. One third is plastics and two thirds are fibers. In 10 years’ time, the annual production of this market is expected to reach 100 million tons (eq. $110 billion).

The process developed by Carbios overcomes the constraints and limits of current recycling processes and can treat PET plastics of all kinds: transparent, colored, opaque and complex, high-performance virgin PET directly from plastic waste. For the first time, the infinite recycling of PET is possible via a biological route, following circular economy principles.

Carbios and TechnipFMC signed this contract to take Carbios’ process from the laboratory to the pilot scale. This assistance will further support the development of the project and define the basis of the industrial process. By signing the contract, Carbios will have access to TechnipFMC’s industrial know-how in bioprocess engineering and to the German affiliate Technip Zimmer, in PET polymerization technologies.

Alain François, general manager of TechnipFMC Operating Center in Lyon and in charge of the projects for chemical and bio-sourced industries, said the company was commented: very enthusiastic at the idea of assisting Carbios in shaping the industrialization of this innovation.

“We have gained a solid experience in process engineering and we are,” he said. ‘It’s a premiere in the world of green chemistry to which we can bring our expertise and know-how in the fields of process industrialization, engineering and project management.”

Jean-Claude Lumaret, General Manager of CARBIOS added: “We are glad to initiate with TechnipFMC this stage of industrial engineering for our technology. This agreement is another step in the transition of our PET biorecycling process from the status of disruptive innovation to a leading industrial technology.”


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