03. Nov 2017

Brazilian sugar now packaged in sugar-based bio-PE

Braskem's Green Plastic will be used for the first time in packages of refined sugar in Brazil. Pioneering this use is Caravelas Sugar, one of the country's most important companies in this segment.

mThe Caravelas brand consumes 140 tons of packaging per month and is the first and, so far. the only one in the segment to have sugarcane in its production cycle from start to finish. Consumers will be able to identify the new packaging through the "I'm greeen" seal, visible on the product front, which is Braskem’s identifying mark for packaging made with Green Plastic.

"Sustainability is an essential pillar in our company, especially due to the production process of our product, whereas innovation and pioneering are directly linked to the positioning of our brand: In Favor of Tasting What Is New. In this sense, Green Plastic is an important initiative that can effectively respond to all these demands, bringing important innovation to the entire segment", says Javel Colombo, commercial director for the Colombo Plant, Caravelas Sugar's producer.
The new packaging is produced by Zaraplast, the leader in flexible packaging solutions, longtime partner of Caravelas. “As suppliers of flexible packaging 50 years ago, we have noticed that every day consumers are looking for products that offer more sustainable solutions; and managing to combine Braskem's renewable raw material, our transformation expertise and Caravelas product was rewarding", said Eli Kattan, director of Zaraplast.

For Braskem, which constantly monitors the market, the launch is aligned with the company's goal of finding solutions for its customers and improving people's lives through chemistry and plastic. "There is a growing concern of companies in the adoption of innovative solutions with a lower environmental impact. Green Plastic is the material that fits the attributes that Caravelas seeks for its products: innovation and respect for the environment", says Gustavo Sergi, Director of Renewable Chemicals at Braskem.

Braskem's Green Plastic is 100% recyclable, captures and fixes 3.09 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere for each ton of resin of renewable origin produced, collaborating to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases. The product also has the same characteristics of traditional polyethylene and can be recycled in the already existing chain.


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