03. Jun 2016

Croatian bioplastics plant celebrates 10th anniversary

In 2006, Croatian-American entrepreneur Boris Miksic decided it was time to take a chance. Having emigrated to the United States, where he set up a highly successful business called Cortec Corporation, for his next venture he returned to his native country of Croatia.

EcoCortecIn 2006, he launched the EcoCortec project with a greenfield investment in Croatia. And from these modest beginnings, the business has grown and flourished.

EcoCortec is a special project for Miksic. As he explains: “At one point I felt it was the right time to the transfer my rich business experience to Croatia and start this journey. After 10 years I can safely say not only that I was right but that EcoCortec has exceeded all of my expectations!”

Today the plant has evolved in one of the most modern European manufacturers of environmentally safe films for corrosion protection. The company has shown continuous growth -the result, says Miksic, of its innovative technology, combined with high efficiency products with environmentally safe properties.

"We have excellent people, from managers, engineers to production workers,” Miksic noted. “Our team proves that Croatia can provide ‘know how’ technology and its professionals can compete everywhere in the world.”
For Miksic, EcoCortec is a Croatian story of business excellence that, he says, “will break world boundaries.”

This year alone, the company’s sales are up by 20.6% compared to 2015. Production Ecocorteccapacity has tripled over the ten years of the plant’s existence. EcoCortec exports more than 90 percent of its products to a host of different countries in Europe, Asia and USA.
Over the past few years, EcoCortec has also successfully taken part in large European-funded projects. The company played a major role in the international Marine Clean Project sponsored by CIP Eco-Innovation Program and aimed at reducing the quantities of conventional, non-degradable plastics being discarded at sea, as well as promoting sustainability and innovative technologies. EcoCortec has developed two new proprietary biodegradable and compostable films: EcoFilm, which is a polyester-based product and EcoWorks, a PLA-based product derived in part (30%) from annually renewable, biobased content. Within the scope of the Marine Clean project, EcoCortec’s special focus was the introduction of EcoOcean material: film and bags constructed from the latest biobased polymer technology on the market, PHA. Designed with the environment in mind, EcoOcean contains 77% biobased content and is fully marine biodegradable. The material is heat and moisture resistant, making it ideal for compostable bags and many flexible film packaging applications. The Marine Clean project has since ended, and the company is currently negotiating a partnership in a new 2 million-euro project "PLAPAPER" within the Interreg Central Europe Programme.


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