24. Mar 2016

DIN CERTCO first certification body to include newest French compostability standard

DIN CERTCO is once again leading the way with NF T 51-800 - certification of home compostable products. ‘We open the door for your market acceptance in France’.

For the past several years, DIN CERTCO has engaged in the conformity assessment of plastic products made of compostable materials suitable for home composting. These products may then be granted DIN-Geprüft [DIN-tested] home compostable accreditation and licensed to bear the DIN-Geprüft conformity mark.

In June of 2015, DIN CERTCO became the first certification organization in the world to extend the range of biobased certification standards to include the International Standard series ISO 16620, which was released in April 2015:

Now, the organization has done it again: in addition to the well-known Australian Standard AS 5810, it recently became the first certification body in the world to add the new French standard NF T 51-800 to its certification scheme.

DIN CERTCO LOGODIN CERTCO has now extended the range of home compostable standards with the French Standard NF T 51-800 released in November 2015: the NF T 51-800:2015-11: Plastics – Specifications for plastics suitable for home composting. According to this standard, materials, intermediates and end-consumer products can now be certified. In France, even single-use carrier bags with wall thicknesses of less than 50 microns are required to comply with this standard from July 1st 2016.

For further information on the certification of home compostable and/or biobased products, please contact DIN CERTCO.

All certification schemes and other relevant documents can be found at http://www.dincertco.de.

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