04. Feb 2016

Nurel invests in new biopolymer facility

Nurel, a plastic materials company based in Zaragoza, Spain, has announced that, in a move to further broaden its portfolio of products, it opened a new biopolymer facility in last year in November at its Zaragoza site.

Nurel, which is part of the Spain-based industrial SAMCA group, has over four decades of experience with the production of polyamide production. The company first introduced its range of renewably-sourced and compostable biobased polymers under the name INZEA in 2014 ‘in response to our customers’ demand for more sustainable plastic materials’.

The INZEA product line offers a wide range of 100% biodegradable and partially biobased biopolymers. The materials, which are based on starch and PLA, are compliant with EN 13432, and can be processed via all conventional processing technologies, i.e., injection molding, film and sheet extrusion, and thermoforming, on conventional equipment.

The materials deliver optimal mechanical properties, says the company, and similar INZEAprocessing parameters to polyolefins and styrenics. INZEA extrusion grades are thermoplastic materials with a renewable content from 40 to 55%; the INZEA injection molding grades offer a renewable content from 40 to 85%. The INZEA range of bioplastics is also be suitable for food contact applications.

“This important investment shows the direct compromise of The SAMCA Group towards sustainable technologies and products”, said Dr. Miguel-Ángel Caballero, Managing Director of NUREL Engineering Polymers.(KL)


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