01. Sep 2015

New copolymer for hot melt adhesives offers higher than 80% renewable content

Perstorp and Corbion have announced a jointly developed breakthrough innovation for adhesives. Resulting from a partnership agreement both companies signed in 2011, a new lactide caprolactone copolymer has been developed that delivers major benefits in hot melt adhesive applications.

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The product is part of Perstorp’s Capa Lactide.The two companies are market leadersin their respective fields of caprolactones (Perstorp) and lactides (Corbion). The new material is expected to be the first in a series of innovations for the adhesive industry.
Hot-melt adhesives are 

solvent-free, thermoplastic materials that are mixed and applied in the molten state at temperatures varying from 120° to 180°C. Appropriate for a variety of applications, hot-melt adhesives provide optimal hold and superior manufacturing flexibility compared to. waterborne or solvent-based adhesives. Hot-melt adhesives are widely used in a variety of applications, including packaging, product assembly, bookbinding, woodworking and pressure sensitive tapes and labels.

The new product has a renewable content exceeding 80% and is fully compostable – providing adhesives manufacturers with a new technology to improve food safety aspects of packaging and at the same time meet the growing demand for more sustainable products. Equally importantly, the new material delivers no compromise on performance and allows formulators to remain competitive.

Corbion’s Senior Vice President Biochemicals, Marco Bootz, said: “This new material represents the culmination of two years’ joint development work with Perstorp. It will create a strong technology platform for the development of polymers that provide a genuine alternative to traditional materials like EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) and mPE (metallocene-catalyzed polyethylene) for the adhesive industry.”

“Through this partnership we provide adhesives manufacturers with a competitive advantage through safe innovative materials that deliver high performance with a reduced environmental footprint,” said Håkan Björnberg, Vice President Innovation at Perstorp. “We expect this innovation to be the first of many.”

The new Capa product is expected to be commercially available in the final quarter of this year and will be brought to market by Corbion.(KL)



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