29. Apr 2015

Working towards a more sustainable construction sector

The Bio-Composites in Construction international conference will be held on May 21st & 22nd 2015 at the Society of Chemical Industry in London.

The conference brings together both academics and industry from around the world to report and discuss the latest developments on topics incorporating the entire bio-composite value chain – from raw materials to finished products, from science to commercial realization. The event is supported as part of the EU project Innobite and attendance is free.

The Innobite project aims to contribute to the development of sustainable consumption and production patterns through the development of new technological solutions - based on the efficient use of natural resources. The project will transform urban and agricultural residues into high performing, resource efficient products for the emerging Green Construction sector. The project is based on two ideas:

(1) Adding value to the inorganic fraction of wheat straw.

(2) Obtaining cellulose nanofibres (MFC) out of highly recycled paper.

Once isolated via environmentally friendly processes, these two renewable compounds will be used as high-performance additives providing unique properties to a new series of biocomposites for use in construction applications.

At the BCIC international conference, presentations of research results and innovative products and technologies will be given that will cover the following topics:
o Extraction/Separation of materials from biomass (Inc. biorefinery processes and modelling)
o The new Pulp & Paper industry in the Bioeconomy
o Nanocellulose as a key material for biomass valorization
o Production and application of bio-based intermediate products (resins, fibres, additives etc.)
o Bio-composites in Construction applications (Inc. bio-based and biodegradable)
o Economics of the Bio-economy (Inc. extraction/separation processes, Nanocellulose, bio-composites production etc)
o Strategy and legislation governing production and application of bio-composite construction products (Inc. safety)

Academic papers will be included in the conference proceedings, which will be made available on the conference website after the conference has taken place.(KL)


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