07. Jun 2019

Avantium entering the commercialization phase for PEF

During the Technology & Markets Day hosted by Avantium at its headquarters in Amsterdam on 6 June, the company provided an update on its strategy and technologies, in particular that of the Synvina business unit and the commercialization of PEF, a 100% renewable and fully recyclable polymer.

mAvantium develops novel technologies based on renewable carbon sources as an alternative to fossil- based chemicals and plastics. Next to developing and commercializing renewable chemistry technologies, the company also provides advanced catalysis R&D services and systems to customers in the refinery and chemical industries. The company currently has three technologies at pilot and demonstration phase.
The most advanced technology is the YXY® plant-to-plastics–process that catalytically converts plant- based sugars into a wide range of chemicals and plastics, such as PEF (polyethylene furanoate). Avantium has successfully demonstrated the YXY Technology at its pilot plant in Geleen, the Netherlands. The second technology is the Dawn Technology that converts non-food biomass into industrial sugars and lignin in order to transition the chemicals and materials industries to non-fossil resources. In 2018, Avantium opened the DAWN pilot plant in Delfzijl, the Netherlands. The third technology is called Mekong and catalytically converts industrial sugars to plant-based MEG (mono- ethylene glycol). Avantium is currently building a new demonstration plant for Mekong with an opening planned in Delfzijl by the end of the year.

Revised scale-up and market launch strategy PEF
In January 2019, Avantium acquired 100% ownership of Synvina, creating new avenues for commercializing the YXY technology. Avantium has explored different scenarios with potential partners and customers to redefine the commercialization strategy of PEF that meets both market and capital requirements. This has led to a revised scale-up and market launch strategy for this novel plant-to- plastics technology:
• Avantium intends to build a cash-flow positive flagship plant with a planned annual capacity of 5 kilotons of FDCA and PEF.
• The plant will produce products for high-value markets and performance applications such as high-barrier films and specialty bottles
• Avantium will maintain control of flagship and licensing business of YXY, while building a network of committed partners throughout the value chain
• The flagship plant is slated to start up in 2023. The design of a 5 kiloton flagship plant has commenced with leading engineering services company Worley (formerly Jacobs Engineering) commissioned to execute the detailed engineering studies. Site selection in north-western continental Europe is to be completed in the second half of 2019. The investment decision for construction of the flagship plant is planned for the end of 2020
• The Synvina business unit has been renamed Avantium Renewable Polymers and operates under the Avantium brand.

“We strongly believe in our YXY technology and the unique properties of PEF and are steadfastly moving towards commercialization,” said Tom van Aken, CEO Avantium. “With our full ownership of the YXY Technology, we have now revised our scale-up and market launch strategy for PEF in a way that meets both market and capital requirements.”
He continued: “Building our flagship plant with an annual capacity of 5 kilotons will allow our market entry in high-value applications such as high-barrier films and specialty bottles. PEF is ideally suited to compete on performance and command the best price in these applications. As we progress our learning curve and increase scale in the future, PEF will be able to compete in high- volume markets, including bottles for carbonated soft drinks and other beverages. Our strategy of building and nurturing value chain partnerships remains of pivotal importance on our path to global commercialization. We partner with feedstock providers, future licensees, convertors and consumer brands. Market interest in PEF remains enthusiastically high as does the commitment of our existing partners to bring this technology to market.”


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