26. Jan 2017

American Process, MYBiomass sign agreement to produce nanocellulose from oil palm residues

American Process, MYBiomass sign agreement to produce nanocellulose from oil palm residues

Atlanta-based American Process (AP) and Malaysian MYBiomass will work together to develop technology to produce nanocellulose and cellulosic sugars from oil palm empty fruit-bunches (EFBs), a lignocellulosic feedstock widely available in Malaysia.

oil palmThe Joint-Development Work (JDA) is funded by MYBiomass and harnesses MYBiomass’ strength in oil palm biomass supply, technology adaptation, market development, and combines this with API’s technical and material development expertise. MYBiomass is a joint-venture company that was formed to pioneer the establishment of commercial biorefineries, with potential participation from technology providers, off-takers and investors.

According to MYBiomass’s CEO Ms. R. Puvaneswari, the potential of biomass is huge but - as yet - largely untapped. “As an innovative business venture, MYBiomass uses an inclusive 360° public-private business model - bringing feedstock, technology, and market players to bridge supply-chain gaps, and manage risks involved; thus developing a sustainable ecosystem for Biorefineries.”

API has been an active biorefinery innovator for over two decades and has developed and demonstrated multiple patented technologies in the field. API’s CEO Dr. Theodora Retsina is pleased to be working with MYBiomass to develop market and prototype applications using nanocellulose made from EFBs. “MYBiomass brings to this partnership innovative thinking to elevate the value created from Malaysia’s natural resources and the integration with partners along the entire supply chain to consumer products,” she said. “API has developed a suite of nanocellulose products including hydrophilic and hydrophobic varieties. Our Bioplus production process is robust, flexible, low cost and can virtually use any biomass as feedstock."

To which Dr. Kim Nelson, VP Nanocellulose Technology, added: “We are very excited to expand our biorefinery technologies to Malaysia in support of the country’s vision to become a regional green chemicals and biomaterials hub. Upgrading residual biomass to next-generation, high-performance renewable materials such as nanocellulose in support of global job creation and sustainable economic growth is central to API’s mission.”


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