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(March 2019) Thanks again to you both for such a wonderful conference (bio!TOY 2019). (…) I would very much like to thank you and the wider team for making it happen. It was first class. I hope we will keep in touch ? Best wishes. (UK)

(March 2019) Thankyou for hosting a wonderful conference (bio!TOY 2019). I really enjoyed the presentations. (Germany)

(Jan 2019) already 12 years and still the best publisher when it comes to bio-plastics. Congratulation and thank you for what you did in the bio-plastics arena in the last 12 years ! (Italy)

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(June 2018) Dear Michael, Thanks again for a very successful and important conference – and thank for the invitation to speak! (Re. 5th PLA World Congress 2018)

(Nov 2017) Congratulations on your continued excellence with Bioplastics Magazine. I always enjoy reading my hard copy as well as the email newsletters. It truly is a fascinating and dynamic space. (USA)

(March 2017) Michael -- Again, wanted to tell you what a great presentation you made (1 March 2017 in Mexico City). It was the most honest, objective, and truly informative presentation on biopolymers I've ever seen and heard, and I've been tracking this technology since (more than a decade). (USA)

(January 2017) Dear Sir, Thank you for the magazine #06/2016. Being a Ph.D scholar working on biofuels, this magazine gives me a lot of uptodate information on various aspects. (India)

(November 2016) Thanks for having organized this excellent event (Bioplastics Business Breakfast) and for your very good book on bioplastics. It helped me a lot in getting a new perspective on plastics. (Sweden)

(November 2016) The conference (Bioplastics Business Breakfast), both in its content and format, was very well and professionally organized, enabling the audience to get an excellent perspective of the current status and trends in this nascent industry.(India)

(November 2016) Again, thank you very much for the very good conference (Bioplastics Business Breakfast 2016) in K fair the other day. (Japan)

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(October 2016): I have read and re-read your book on bioplastics (Bioplastics – Basics. Applications. Markets). Thank you very much for such a lucid book. (India)

(August 2016): Zu allererst möchte ich mich bei Ihnen für Ihr wunderbares Grundlagenbuch über Biokunststoffe bedanken!
Dies hat mir meinen Einstieg in meinen neuen Posten erheblich erleichtert! (Germany)

(August 2016): Hi Michael - We received your book and I spent the whole day reading it and I must say it was a wonderful read with lots of useful information attached to it.

In fact, we would like to order two more copies of the book for our employees. (India)

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(August 2014):Interesting new issue (04/14) Michael......and may I say about your front cover model........I approve!! :-) (UK)

(April 2014): Enjoyed reading your magazine which I picked up at a recent convention. BioFoam and mushroom packaging are amazing advances in packaging materials. (USA)

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ich habe schon einige interessante Artikel in Ihrem Magazin gelesen, weiter so.
Gruß *** (Germany)
(I already read some interesting articles in your magazine, go on like this...)

Oct. 2013: Dear Mr. Thielen, Thank you very much for the Biopolymer breakfast that was very useful.
Me and my colleagues Ms. *** and Mr. ***attended the Bioplastic breakfast all 3 sessions.
It would be very appreciated if you can send us the access to all presentations shown during the biopolymer breakfast asap. (Europe)

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Great work as usual! (USA)

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Keep up the Good work. Warm regards ... (Mumbai, India)

Nov 2012: I have read the book on my way back ... Thoughtful, insightful and all you have to know when starting in BioPlastics..... well done! (Switzerland)

Aug 2012: bioplastics MAGAZINE 04/2012 ist die beste Ausgabe, seit ich diese wertvolle Zeitschrift verfolge. (bM 04/12 is the best issue since I started reading it)... (Croatia)

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May 2012: I have been following your footsteps very closely and must congratulate you for the fantastic work you are doing for Bioplastics not just in Europe, but all over the world !! ... (India)

April 2012: Received (the new) book today-thank you. Well done & it is very interesting
... (Australia)

April 2012: (Über das Buch): Man hat auf den ersten Eindruck das Gefühl, einen kompletten Überblick über das Thema zu bekommen, ohne in technologischen Details zu versinken. Handlichkeit und Lesbarkeit finde ich klasse. Gratulation !! (Germany)

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March 2012: First of all I'd like to thank you for thecopy of boplastics MAGAZINE which I found very interesting, and very good content (Colombia)

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So I have to thank you very much for providing me this prestigious magazine that will keep me well informed and updated in the bioplastics sector.
If the magazine is in need of something from Brazil, please contact me.
Congratulations for the initiative. (Brazil)

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Feb. 2012: By the way, I think you did a great job in your feature on bioplastics at NPE.(USA)

Feb. 2012: It was so impressive that you wrote a summary article of PLA industry on issue#1 2012. I like it very much! (South Korea)

Feb. 2012: Thanks for sending me the magazine, I have just received it. I was really impressed to see development in technologies related to bioplastic. Your magazine is really well put together and you made me discover many things.(UK)

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Feb 2011: Vielen Dank für die neueste Ausgabe (...) Ich denke, dass Sie mit Stolz auf die 25. Ausgabe blicken können, denn hier haben Sie wirkliche Pionierarbeit geleistet. Thanks for the latest issue (...) I think you can be proud about 25 issues, you really performed pioneering work here.
(...) (Germany)

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Aug 2010: Congratulations on your latest issue Michael . . . we are yet to see it but already are getting some excellent feedback ...

July 2010: Michael, Just received a copy of your magazine and noticed the article
on Innovation Takes Root. - I'm impressed with the depth of the magazine. (Canada)

May 2010: Michael, I want to thank you for (***) highlighted in your latest bioplastic MAGAZINE. It turned out very nice. The entire magazine was full of great articles. (USA)

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March 2010: Die Veröffentlichung ist, wie die Bilder, sehr gut. Ich finde davon müsste es mehr geben. (...)
The publication is, like the pictures, very good. I think there should be more like this ... (Germany)

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