The Target Groups

Rawmaterial Suppliers

which produce and sell bioplastics already

Rawmaterial Suppliers

which produce plastics based on fossile resources, who want to watch the development and eventually join the business


using bioplastics to make film, trays, bags, cups, bottles and many applications more

Manufacturers of Plastics Processing Equipment

who want to be prepared for the new raw materials. They might have to modify their products and/or process parameters

Brand Owners and Dealers

including all steps of the supply chain (wholesale and retail)

All involved in Waste Disposal

of petro-based plastics as well as bioplastics („composting industry“, recyclers, municipalities)

Political Decision Makers

at all levels; from the local communities (responsible for municipal waste disposal) to national and international decision makers (e.g. EU-level)

Science and Reasearch

Professors, researchers, scientists and even students read bioplastics MAGAZINE


e.g. European Bioplastics, BCPN, BMG, BPI, BPS, ABA, etc.


At present approx. 5.000 worldwide (about 3.500 distributed to registered readers, the rest at conferences, meetings, exhibitions etc..)
This number will increase as the market increases.