What does bioplastics MAGAZINE offer ?

Everything about:

  • New bioplastics (raw materials) available and under development
  • Bio-compatible masterbatches, additives etc.
  • Processing technologies for bioplastics
  • Applications for bioplastics
  • Secondary subjects (glue/adhesives, inks, paint, varnish, etc.)
  • Political framework conditions (legislation, ordinances, laws)
  • neutral cost/benefits analyses

Here bioplastics magazine covers the need for information with comprehensive reports based on own researches, information from the industry, from associations and politicans; with market surveys, buyers/suppliers guide etc...

Rawmaterial suppliers:

Info about:

  • Fields of potential applications for bioplastics
  • Possibilities to substitute „fossile“ plastics
    and maybe also steel, wood, aluminium, glass, etc.

Supply chain (Brand-Owners, Dealers):

Info about:

  • Available materials
  • Applications
  • Cost
  • Competition watch (Products of the competitors)
  • Supply relationships (who supplies whom)


Info about:

  • Available materials
  • Cost
  • Processes and Applications
  • Colorants (masterbatches), additives
  • Adhesives/glue, inks, paint, varnish, labels
  • In-house waste recycling issues
  • Competition watch (Products of the competitors)
  • Supply relationships (who supplies whom)


Info about:

  • Fields of applications for bioplastics
  • Possibilities to substitute „fossile“ plastics
  • Available materials
  • Cost
  • Processes
  • Available products and applications
  • Influence on agriculture (land utilization)
  • Material streams
  • Climate
  • All aspects of waste disposal

Machine manufacturers:

Info about:

  • Processing particularities for bioplastics
  • Special processes or technologies
  • Markets
  • Search for USPs
  • Structure of potential customers
  • Which machines for which processes – films (monolayer- and coex), trays, bottles
  • Injection molding
  • Other processes for other fields of applications besides packaging,
  • e.g. the automotive industry

Scientists (university or industry):

publish or read:

  • recent findings and developments
  • where is further research needed?

All of the above mentioned parties:

Info about:

  • Political considerations, framework conditions and decisions.



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