1st PHA platform World Congress

bioplastics MAGAZINE is organizing the
1st PHA platform World Congress

PHA-platform World Congress

PHA (Poly-Hydroxy-Alkanoates or polyhydroxy fatty acids) is a family of biobased polyesters. As in many mammals, including humans, that hold energy reserves in the form of body fat there are also bacteria that hold intracellular reserves of polyhydroxy alkanoates. Here the micro-organisms store a particularly high level of energy reserves (up to 80% of their own body weight) for when their sources of nutrition become scarce. Examples for such Polyhydroxyalkanoates are PHB, PHV, PHBV, PHBH and many more. That’s why we speak about the PHA platform.

This PHA-platform is made up of a large variety of bioplastics raw materials made from many different renewable resources. Depending on the type of PHA, they can be used for applications in films and rigid packaging, biomedical applications, automotive, consumer electronics, appliances, toys, glues, adhesives, paints, coatings, fibers for woven and non-woven andPHA products inks. So PHAs cover a broad range of properties and applications.

That’s why bioplastics MAGAZINE and Jan Ravenstijn are now organizing the 1st PHA-platform World Congress on 4-5 September 2018 in Cologne / Germany.

This congress will address the progress, challenges and market opportunities for the formation of this new polymer platform in the world. Every step in the value chain will be addressed. Raw materials, polymer manufacturing, compounding, polymer processing, applications, opportunities and end-of-life options will be discussed by parties active in each of these areas. Progress in underlying technology challenges will also be addressed.

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For any questions, contact us at mt@bioplasticsmagazine.com or j.ravenstijn@kpnmail.nl .


When there is sufficient interest there will be a workshop on the basics of the PHA-platform in the afternoon of September 3rd, preceding the conference. The agenda of the planned workshop can be found here. The cost of this workshop will be 200 Euro. August 1st it will be decided whether the interest for this is large enough. Interested people can enroll by sending an E-mail to mt@bioplasticsmagazine.com or j.ravenstijn@kpnmail.nl .


Conferences by bioplastics MAGAZINE

This is the 1st PHA-platform World Congress by bioplastics MAGAZINE.

Before we have successfully organized the the 1st and 2nd PLA Bottle Conference (2007 and 2008), five PLA World Congresses as well as several Bioplastics Business Breakfasts (during Düsseldorf K-Show in 2010, 2013 and 2016). In 2015 and 2017 we held our first and second bio!PAC and bio!CAR conferences

As an example, watch our video-clip about a previous PLA World Congress in Munich 2014 below


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