Feedback to the Webinar 02 Sep 202

I would like to congratulate you and the bioplastic magazine team on the excellent organization with timely presentations by quality speakers representing all the PHA global industry. (Italy)

Thanks for organizing the PHA World Congress Webinar - an excellent event! (USA)

I really enjoyed the diversity of topics in this week’s webinar. Personally I’m a big PHA believer. (Netherlands)

Thank you very much for providing well organized webinar.
It was quite impressive for me. (Germany)

Thank you so much for your very nice organizing of the webinar.(Korea)

I would like to express my appreciation concerning the PHA Webinar today. It was very good. So I would like to participate at the next one and also to send some of my colleagues in the PHA workshop scheduled for March 2021.(Germany)

Thanks for an interesting webinar. (Sweden)

Thank you for really informative webinar! (Anonymous)

very well organized and diverse relevant topics (Anonymous)

Some of the lecturers should have displayed slides on the full screan mode in PPT - not just like slides. In general - everything was OK. (Anonymous)

I commend you for orchestrating this event. I don't think that it was an easy task. I am a bit disappointed at the overly commercial nature of most of the presentations and wonder why attendees were asked to pay to view them. It seems that should be the other way around. (Anonymous)

Very informative. As concluded by Michael, there was some controverse and I believe that is a good thing, since this is a relatively new material in a very dynamic market. (Anonymous)

nice balanced speaker list. (Anonymous)

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