PEF World Congress

PEF World Congress


Düsseldorf, Germany


Polymedia Publisher GmbH, co-organized by PEFerence


Wed, 30.10.2024 - Thu, 31.10.2024, 23:59 o'clock


EUR 1050.00 (EUR 950 online only)

PEF World Congress

PEF (polyethylene furanoate) is a novel polyester, produced from 100 % plant-based raw materials. It is recyclable and is regarded as the packaging material of the future, particularly in the food and beverage sector but also for textiles and more. 

PEF offers a unique performance and sustainability profile. PEF is often compared to PET due to its similar chemistry; both polyesters are produced from the monomers ethylene glycol (MEG) and an aromatic diacid (furandicarboxylic acid – FDCA or terephthalic acid respectively). Despite this similarity, however, PEF’s small molecular difference gives rise to a number of different properties.

  • PEF has a 50 % lower carbon footprint compared to PET.
  • PEF has better barrier properties regarding oxygen, carbon dioxide, and water compared to PET, thus ensuring a longer shelf life for the packaged products.
  • When compared to the properties of PET, its polymer has a lower melting temperature, while the glass transition temperature is higher.
  • Another advantage of the new material is its higher mechanical strength.
  • PEF can be processed in the same way and with the same equipment as PET.
  • Its recycling process is the same as for PET.
  • PEF can be used for stretch blow moulding of bottles, for fibres, films, and more.
  • Even biaxially oriented (BOPEF) film can be made from PEF.

Together with PEFerence, Renewable Carbon Plastics is now organizing the 1st PEF World Congress. The global conference offers high-class presentations from top individuals in the industry from the complete value chain. The event will cover HMF, FDCA, and PEF, as well as applications and end-of-life solutions. There will also be excellent networking opportunities along with a table-top exhibition.

The 2 full-day-conference will be held on 30/31 October 2024 in Düsseldorf, Germany (or online = hybrid event). No date change!

All presentations will be recorded for a convenient "video-on-demand" streaming for at least a month after the event.

Networking among ALL attendees and speakers will be facilitated with the WHOVA app and platform (coming soon).

Call for papers

The call for papers is open. Please contact mtbplstcsmgzncm


The PEF World Congress will be held at the Maritim Airport Hotel, Düsseldorf, Germany.

Maritim-Platz 1, 40474 Düsseldorf

A limited numer of rooms will available made for a special rate.
Corresponding information will be made available shortly.

Holiday Inn Munich City Centre

Networking (Whova)

We use WHOVA for advanced networking opportunities across all attendees (on-site and online), as well as for organizer notifications, ZOOM interation for online attendees and much more...

You will be able to use it and network for 6 months after the event.

A link to the Whova app and platform will be published soon

Hybrid event (on-site & online)

The PEF World Congress will be held as a hybrid event (on-site and digital) at the  Maritim Airport Hotel, Düsseldorf Germany.

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