Inorganic Biomaterials: Structure, Properties and Applications

This book provides a practical guide to the use and applications of inorganic biomaterials.

Edited by Xiang C. Zhang, Lucideon and Royal Society Industry Fellow at University of Cambridge. Contributors: Ruth Cameron, Alexander M. Seifalian and Ying Yang

published 2014

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Paperback: € 120.00

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The book begins by introducing the concept of inorganic biomaterials, which includes bioceramics and bioglass. This concept is further extended to hybrid biomaterials consisting of inorganic and organic materials to mimic natural biomaterials.

It goes on to provide the reader with information on biocompatibility, bioactivity and bioresorbability. The concept of the latter is important because of the increasing role resorbable biomaterials are playing in implant applications. The book also introduces a new concept on mechanical compatibility - 'mechacompatibility'. Almost all implant biomaterials employed to date, such as metal and ceramic implants, do not meet this biological requirement as they have far higher modulus than any biomaterials in the body.

The practical techniques that are used in the characterization of biomaterials, including chemical, physical, biological, microscopy and mechanical characterization are described. Some specialised techniques are also introduced such as Synchrotron Micro-Computed Tomography (µ-CT) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).

The reader is given important information on new biomaterials development for orthopaedic and other areas, including controlled release technology, hydroxyapatite and hybrid bioresorbable materials.

Finally the book provides a guide to regulatory considerations, an area which is often overlooked, but is an important part of R&D and manufacturing of medical materials and devices.

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